Player: Joyce
Join Date: March 1, 2012
Level: 25
Card Worth: 7221
Last Updated: 17-01-2015


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Collecting: will not trade for anything.
OT3: will not trade for anything.
Future: will not trade for anything.
Keeping: not collecting these! just keeping for the pretty. don't offer.
Trading: sure, anything and everything!
Member Cards: awesome, yeah.
Holds: ask away! I'll hold stuff for as long as you need.

You may offer trades HERE @ Dreamwidth or HERE in my site's trade form


November 6
-games festival - round 15: pride01, stylish10, heavyblade03, anaru02, cop04, basroil06, serious07, thoughtful04, candle06, infinity09, loveletter
-puzzle chain - round 16: shirayuki02, umbralis03, frozen09, heels09, hound01, hearts04, loveletter, bluepotion
-freebies - round 40: arrogant10, strategist06, reversed17

November 7
-trivia - round 78: tauk09, redrose01, brave07

November 8
-cupid - round 20: recall08, homunculus10, itako07, womanizer08 (gave away bluerose10, heaven09)
-trade with kinks: devil03, devil04, devil06, devil10, hermes01 for arrogant09, germany09, trickster01, university10, valentine07 (t1675)(t1676)(t1677)(t1678)(t1679)
-trade with gigi: mullet05, kiseru08, trainers13, mc_joyce for meruru06, magama02, fashion02, mc_gigi (t1680)(t1681)(t1682)(t1683)
-trade with ruriair: crystal01, kuriboh01, kuriboh02, kuriboh03, kuriboh03, kuriboh05, kuriboh10, mc_joyce for doujin03, gasmask02, gleam04, temper01, turban08, yareyare02, shounen16, mc_ruriair (t1684)(t1685)(t1686)(t1687)(t1688)(t1689)(t1690)(t1691)
-trade with naegg: gambler04, gambler05, mc_joyce for russia02, calculation08, mc_naegg (t1692)(t1693)(t1694)
-trade with styx: fonist05, wall10, strongarm08, strongarm09, right07, waitress05, isis03, useless06 for azuresea07, azuresky06, brass02, cook10, gasmask10, hornet06, temper04, temper09 (t1695)(t1696)(t1697)(t1698)(t1699)(t1700)(t1701)(t1702)

November 9
-classified ads - round 80: short05, timid03, nostalgia10

November 10
-trade with mephala: eight02 for icolo05 (t1703)
-trade with ten: airwing04, airwing08, airwing10, blazefire05, blazefire06, colonel02, colonel05, colonel09, heels09, tauburn09 for rabanastre09, graffiti07, vayu03, prithivi03, prithivi09, phoenix08, russia05, icolo06, records09, records10 (t1704)(t1705)(t1706)(t1707)(t1708)(t1709)(t1710)(t1711)(t1712)(t1713)
-trade with thu: whip03, mamushi02, mamushi04, school02 for barrier02, uesugi08, veneziano07, vayu04 (t1714)(t1715)(t1716)(t1717)

November 11
-connections - round 37: mystery03, seven09, rivals14
-staff pay 16 sept - 30 sept: bonkotsu05, ogre01, evangel10, apathetic07, rapier01, tsukkomi04, thief10, duty03, gazel09, newspaper08, duran01, vince05, gunblade03, gemini06, cucumbers03, moonbase04, cyborg08, gal09, troublesome01, vino10, couture04, sorrow07, amita06, wings08, sapphire04, taguel08, love05, pipe03, amulet09, afro06, priestess01, blacklotus10, cheshire08, classmate02, jump06, devotion08, king02, aimstalker08, baron04, resolve10, golden05, tags06, winged10, bell08, popular09, box05, treasurer05, meruru08, waffu03, mozzarella09, meruru02, seashell08, luxury02, love09, luckyitem04, takoyaki09, white03, king07, shinai05, bazooka07, knave08, hentai10, heian05, focus10, roses09
-staff pay 01 oct - 31 oct: pancake08, phoenix01, barrier04, cosmoamazon01, toyshop10, littlebird03, infinity09, c-0310, paladin07, twisted04, king05, freeze06, zeus01, troublesome09, spot05, blindfold05, understudy04, muttsurini05, revolver01, tiger04, fourth04, shadow10, romantic04, bluelion08, point04, estonia05, nymph05, playboy06, bungeegum03, interact07, taozi10, record08, shy03, four03, existence09, pictures05, america03, deathscythe07, moonmagic06, renegade03, kritya06, bonkotsu10, roses02, minus09, instructor05, smiling02, gasmask08, windam08, strahl01, redbell04, rock04, exeter02, kurta09, yousei04, jock06, belderiver05, swimmer08, taichi02, monitor09, meat05, cetra03, mockingbird06, friends08, chatter01, shards01, revenge01, distant07, selfish05, blacksmith09, ryuzaki07, egoist05, peace04, mute08, piercings06, latvia03, jintan09, eastern01, operator10, nemesis01, ultimate05, anchor04, armadillo10, mochi08, drive07, stonemask06, avalanche04, phantasm08, stress08, stripes06, etu04, sojutsu10, violin03, toy06, abyss10, mechanic04, sonic06, beat07, heartbeat08, canard08, misfortune01, twohands06, meatshop01, suna-suna06, bandages02, hime08, eyelashes01, anxious05, network10, empress05, mysterious06, matto09, royal03, vigilante08, mascot03, bigbrother08, fishing04, virtue01, south09, taozi01, bluemoon02, skateboard03, yami02, pikohan10, ordinary03, celes06, eagle03, keyboard01, gambler02, stungun01, sopheria08, multi-size01
-deckmaker pay: saw04, rebirth05, meteor08, magician04, pigtails03, west04, tail04, sadistic09, bellflower09, lacrosse01, lonely06, dragoon10, moonbase06, conqueror01, platinum03, morningstar07, basketball09, himeko04, eagle01, jr05, resurrect10, guide02, bloodshot04, sharingan09, dog07, deathscythe07, incubus09, surf09, prodigy01, small06, trace07, incubus10, flute03, blue03, archangel07, anchor02, diagnostics06, virtue10, stonefree03, heavenrend03, galileo10, orange10, yareyare02, prankster05, mourningdove01, newcomer06, thornqueen02, gleam04, loveletter, loveletter, loveletter, loveletter

November 12
-deckmaker pay: heroine04, hatter05, forbidden09, morisummer01, chainsaw10, carnation09, interact05, leo01, chef07, deceive06, god01, forward09, reliable09, scarlet02, theater06, loyal07, judgement05, napping08, saa-kun06, male04, silkworm07, dimension08, researcher08, oni08, jack07, senses10, shattered09, athlete08, amazon05, sun06, homeroom01, thornqueen08, mullet04, loveletter, loveletter

November 14
-trade with pam: inspector04, pilot05 for witch09, fire07 (t1718)(t1719)
-blind date - round 79: love08, sunflower08, goddess01, capricorn01
-otp battles - round 77: whitelamb03
-trivia - round 79: rebel08, scouting08, rumble06
-date spots - round 80: database01, shotgun07, nurse03

November 15
-trade with elliott: luckyitem07, romantic09 for dyaus02, gasmask06 (t1720)(t1721)
-puzzle chain - round 17: revolution07, saturn01, blacklynx02, killer10, undertaker04, point07, loveletter, purplepotion

November 16
-deck release (november): ogre05, zaku03, gundam09, wonder02, bravo02, taijutsu02, cadence05, fastest09, kanemochi03
-trade with bacci: wonder02, bravo02, rock01, rock03 for baseball10, programmer09, classmate07, icolo10 (t1722)(t1723)(t1724)(t1725)
-freebies - round 41: winged08, serpent06
-staff pay 1 nov - 15 nov: clueless10, needles05, carnation01, light04, rocker05, jockey06, embezzle09, records05, sanpaku05, dawnking06, sagittarius09, lion01, prince02, duran04, speed07, cheerful02, madao10, meritocracy03, couture03, blank07, bored09, glove10, wandering05, responsibility01, chronokinetic06, tuxedo05, tristesse07, loyal07, sadistic05, left05, vows01, sickly06, gazel10, heart07, mafia01, chevalier01, egoist04, rapier04, aoitori05, devil01, blacklynx10, cucumbers04, skeptic10, meat08, pervasive08, azuresea04, zodiac04, fanalis08

November 18
-trade with styx: hatcher04 for prithivi05 (t1726)
-trade with thu: miracles01, miracles06, uranus09, uranus10 for arrogant04, hierophant09, talent09, freestyle06 (t1727)(t1728)(t1729)(t1730)

November 20
-games festival: coverall02, black03, necromancer05, dependable01, robattle04, tuxedo03, loveletter06, crest05, clutch02, loveletter
-mystery song - round 79: onigiri01, tiger06, pinkhair01
-matchmaker - round 80: curse08, ebonwing08, classmate02, morisummer10, moose07, wolf-fang08, pharaoh02

November 21
-discussion - round 40: unreliable09, courage02
-trade with celi: knight05, stoic10, tattoo10 for meister08, dyaus05, japan07 (t1731)(t1732)(t1733)
-date spots - round 81: paladin02, otome05, missmacross08

November 22
-trade with christy: homunculus10, lovers02, miko03, ordinary03, blank07, shotgun07, stitches04, stitches06, theater06 for balbadd02, icolo10, jump10, varnani06, elrit02, hermit03, legitimate08, responsibility08, trainer05 (t1734)(t1735)(t1736)(t1737)(t1738)(t1739)(t1740)(t1741)(t1742)

November 23
-otp battles - round 78: foolish04, harisen08, brandier04
-classified ads - round 32: taguel03, martine08
-trade with dan: afterlife05, afterlife07, etu03, fighting05, kantoku06, kantoku10, mentor06, parfait03, tags06, timetravel07, coffee05, bigbrother08, harisen08, point04, point07, ogre05, eyepatches17 for meister04, useless01, america01, america07, china02, china03, russia02, icolo01, icolo06, pkk07, crybaby10, anxious09, titans02, belderiver07, bonkotsu02, yankee07, corporal04 (t1743)(t1744)(t1745)(t1746)(t1747)(t1748)(t1749)(t1750)(t1751)(t1752)(t1753)(t1754)(t1755)(t1756)(t1757)(t1758)(t1759)

November 24
-trivia - round 81: horn03, aeon08, thoughtful09

November 25
-trade with ruriair: power01 for dusktaker06 (t1760)
-trade with lepidotperan: black01, origami03, defeated03, electronics01, lovestruck06, diabound02, mourningdove01 for pacifist01, pkk04, crybaby01, gleam08, box08, cyanpile07, responsibility06 (t1761)(t1762)(t1763)(t1764)(t1765)(t1766)(t1767)
-freebies - round 42: teikoku07, two03

November 27
-masteries: calculation-backstroke, vampire09, ryuzaki08, march04, temper06, fire09, phoenix07, greenpotion
-masteries: ranked-stungun, iga01, ears07, apprentice07, nervous03, nervous06, nervous07, greenpotion
-masteries: bachelor-bellflower, okonomiyaki10, forbidden01, earth02, leading07, leading08, leading09, redpotion
-masteries: cyanpile-limebell, bishamonten03, raven01, aikido03, jump03, jump08, jump09, purplepotion
-masteries: temper-nervous, novicechef08, akatsuki07, kattobing02, jump05, jump06, phantom08, bluepotion
-trade with ruriair: power04 for bubbles01 (t1768)
-trade with kaia: doctor09, doctor10, home05, perceive05, perceive08 for fanalis05, amita10, disgrace01, nirvash01, devotion05 (t1769)(t1770)(t1771)(t1772)(t1773)

November 29
-trading achievement (1600): mist10, saa-kun02, shibireru04, chased02, greenpotion, loveletter
-trading achievement (1625): idol07, meltdowner03, habanero02
-trading achievement (1650): diabound02, heir09, danto03
-trading achievement (1675): safetypins02, classical01, weapon07
-trading achievement (1700): dinah03, tuxedo09, exorcist05, knitting10, greenpotion, loveletter

November 30
-trade with kiri: brave07, loveletter01 for meister05, meister07 (t1774)(t1775)
-singles' claim: bluehair06, bluehair09, arrogant06, glacier09, richie04
-classified ads - round 83: model04, northamerican06

December 1
-trivia - round 82: conviction03, uesugi08, secretary06
-masteries: phoenix-phoenix, bully10, nun04, kyrios04, aye01, aye02, aye03, bluepotion
-masteries: richie-records, spade02, ogre04, stampede04, aye09, phantom02, phantom03, purplepotion
-masteries: homerun-roar, nothingness08, ramen01, yareyare09, phantom04, phantom05, england01, redpotion
-masteries: jump-phantom, varna07, popular07, evangel03, england05, england10, japan01, greenpotion
-masteries: fire-aye, atonement04, idealist06, blitzace02, japan02, japan03, crezant01, redpotion
-otp battles - round 79: embezzle06, swordsman09, scarletrain03
-trade with ruriair: fanservice09 for records01 (t1776)

December 2
-blind date - round 82: pancakes10, horn04, hitsuzen06, witch03

December 3
trade with saku: sopheria05, windor08, medic07, foolish04, pinkhair01 for destroy01, manager08, artist06, quincy04, protagonists01 (t1777)(t1778)(t1779)(t1780)(t1781)

December 4
-connections - round 39: clown08, temper08, idols07

December 5
-otp battles - round 80: troublesome05

December 8
-discussion - round 41: deleted04, suna-suna10, gangstar04
-reactions - round 19: expelled01, temporal09
-mystery song - round 81: esper09, kensei03, shounen16

December 10
-trade with christy: conqueror01, flowers02, knight03, trace07, tattoo09, costumes03 for baking10, records04, richie04, bonkotsu01, devotion01, wild10 (t1782)(t1783)(t1784)(t1785)(t1786)(t1787)
-staff pay 16 nov - 30 nov: justice03, blackmagic03, useless01, inchou04, instructor03, canard08, levi09, horn09, materia08, glorious09, clown03, blood-scythe09, carpenter01, shinigami06, bartender08, nova09, return09, glacier05, suna-suna06, knowledge02, nattou09, open-minded10, twisted05, zero06, ranking06, woodpecker10, three05, gran07, nobility06, pistols03, butcher01, duke04, speedo04, monk05, corporal01, foxhound08, skeptic06, beautymark04, balbadd05, babyface03, tattoo02, trabia03, headbutt04, forza01, aura05, mercury09, zabimaru10, couture10, d002, magi08, serpent10, stungun09, littlecrane02, escort01, nervous05, money03, reset10, gakuran06, three10, warmth02, actress03, ciaossu10, blizzard06, tenth04, exorcist07, sakanaide02, coach08, cellphone07, dusktaker10, bighearted02, ceo06, bounty05, maps07, rising08, lacrosse02, engaged10, amnesic01

December 11
-trade with ruriair: spacetech01, successor01 for veneziano09, veneziano10 (t1788)(t1789)

December 18
-trivia - round 80: cyborg03, graceful08, future03, otome10, clover06
-staff pay 1 dec - 15 dec: calming03, distortion01, goddess06, prosecute02, korin03, rebel09, blitzball01, waiter07, inu03, witch07, rookie09, goal09, obsession01, sunny08, pervasive04, seito07, clone08, happy05, novoselic02, afterlife06, prince05, cowardly04, warpstar10, shrewd02, cosmoamazon05, muskets01
-christmas event - picture hunt: coquette10, assistant06, beauty06, crossover11, chibi02
-deckmaker pay: taguel02, watchdog01, roommate01, prosecute09, meimei10, axe10, orange09, armor09, smells05, rookie09, joker07, special05, himo07, clown06, stone06, cyanpile03, defender01, mystery03, seito01, night02, pkk02, meimei02, drag04, realian02, hope09, veneziano03, bow03, shibireru08, evangel04, phantasm07, dancer04, peace03, stubborn04, neechan02, heian07, emotional07, newspaper10, loveletter, loveletter, loveletter

December 19
-otp battles - round 82: zanza06
-trade with pam: appetite02 for elrit03 (t1790)
-trade with hollie: keyblade01 for meister09 (t1791)
-christmas event - identify the santa: reckless04, bluesky05, gynoid06, eyepatches13

December 22
-trade with thu: actor06, revenge01, revenge02, roses02, roses09, star01 for union04, freestyle09, azuresky04, belderiver06, canard06, hermit01 (t1792)(t1793)(t1794)(t1795)(t1796)(t1797)
-trade with jeny: bazooka07, jealous05 for nirvash07, england01 (t1798)(t1799)
-trade with ruriair: photon05, successor07, ssvd08 for nirvash06, azuresky01, scarletrain03 (t1800)(t1801)(t1802)
-deck release 021 (december): millenium03, interpol01, shoryuken06, hadoken02, digger09, pirate07, neechan10, quarterback09, blondies17, monochrome18
-trade with ralene: amulet09, beat07, infinity01, eagle01, eagle03, ears07, earth01, earth02, windam05, windam08, record08 for applepie04, blues03, bocchan10, bossun07, cinderella01, council03, cucumbers08, deleted05, detective10, elrit05, flames08 (t1803)(t1804)(t1805)(t1806)(t1807)(t1808)(t1809)(t1810)(t1811)(t1812)(t1813)
-shop (card pack 01-redpotion-): christmas01
-christmas event - freebies: magi04, skill-out10, niji03, bluehair13, hilt20
-christmas event - under the mistletoe: god04, machinist04, chef04, pleasure03
-christmas event - christmas carrols: bossun10, onigiri10, mysterious04, hearts06, vintage08, protagonists01, christmas14
-secret santa: blade02, barrier07
-secret santa: pink potion, pinkpotion, orangepotion, greenpotion, greenpotion, greenpotion
-secret santa: agni08, dropshot10, unrequited06
-secret santa: glacier02, agni06, nirvash05
-secret santa giveaway: handed away arrogant04, arrogant10, duke04, doctor10, nemesis04, crossover11, luckyitem04, six05, vampire02, vampire04, vampire09, dawnking06, vampire06, useless01, foxhound08, rumble01, rumble09, trabia02, trabia03, exeter04, valkyrie03, valkyrie07, valkyrie10, mercury09, bounty05, christmas03, drpepper05, drpepper07, manzai13, labcoat04, lacrosse01, lacrosse02, lacrosse06, rubymoon04, okashi10, guardian07, loveletter, loveletter, bluepotion, redpotion

December 23
-secret santa: richie01, russia09
-secret santa: russia01, bubbles04, brass10
-secret santa: meister03, protagonists03
-secret santa: azuresky08, bizarre03, courage07, gleam05
-secret santa: meister03, swords09

December 24
-secret santa: meister06, bluehair19, veneziano05
-mini-mastery: christmas-joyce, claws01, yuukei04, fedora07, affection01, koopa04, balbadd10

December 25
-christmas event - last minute shopping: space05, kouzuki08, kiseru01, bookworm09, idols19, protagonists17, loveletter, orangepotion
-secret santa: records05, rosary05, russia08, useless08

December 26
-secret santa: crybaby02, gasmask02, gundam05, rabanastre04, loveletter, loveletter
-christmas event - discussion: owl06, youma03, teller10, rosewhip06

December 27
-secret santa: peacemaker09, bonkotsu09, girlslove05
-secret santa: crezant02, america02

December 29
-trade with marge: backlace08, boisterous01, chef10, chosen06, explorer08, classmate02, fireemblem01, freelance07, liberate01, liberate08, neechan02, treasurer06, young01, classmate02, eyepatches14, protagonists16, morisummer01, taciturn08, cheerful02 for meister03, meister10, union02, union09, useless08, china10, russia01, icolo09, pacifist09, nebula03, chatter03, corporal06, interpol03, kakarot01, leading01, leading03, bravo06, bravo09 (1814)(1815)(1816)(1817)(1818)(1819)(18120)(1821)(1822)(1823)(1824)(1825)(t1826)(t1827)(t1828)(t1829)(t1830)(t1831)(t1832)
-christmas event - pick a santa: redpotion, pinkpotion, bluepotion, greenpotion, purplepotion, orangepotion

January 1
-christmas event - coupon request: plusdonation (1 deck donation in January), event-xmas2013

January 3
-secret santa giveaway: handed away meritocracy03, butcher01, robotic04, coquette03, coquette06, pressure05, pressure07, highwind08, gunblade10, keyblade02
-staff pay - dec 15 to dec 31: blackbird02, freelance05, digger10, penguin09, rebirth03, palmtop05, nodachi09, sexta08, paladienne04, ranguren09, crystal03, sutras01, aristocrat03, archery09, gran08, frozen04, janina10, understudy09, tactician01, aries06, hikari02, open-minded03, idealist07, captive05, sunglasses09, theory07, legendary09, mizuho08, flirty03, petite05, zabimaru01, meritocracy07, foxfire06, candle10, shadow09, aura08, yareyare04, reuben02, struggler10, wickedeye05, tauk07, black05, oblivious10, rikka03, shinigami07, littlecrane08, visualkei04, babyface03, six07, thesun10, northamerican05, shooting02, vicious08, mute06, recite01, data01, defense09, corporal03, kakarot01, gamer01, temporal08
-trade with aaron: blitzball01, reader05, reader10, witch03 for glacier02, pacifist02, nirvash05, valentine01 (t1833)(t1834)(t1835)(t1836)

January 6
-trade with celi: couture09, protect04, six07, three05, zura05 for gakuran04, rosary09, unrequited09, bubbles03, hermit08 (t1837)(t1838)(t1839)(t1840)(t1841)

January 7
-trade with ruriair: useless08, misfortune01 for bizarre10, legitimate04 (t1842)(t1843)

January 9
-trade with aaron: rainfell06, ssvd01, ssvd07, ssvd08, successor08, wind04, wind08 for peacemaker07, bishamonten08, bride10, revolution02, revolution09, revolution10, trickster06 (t1844)(t1845)(t1846)(t1847)(t1848)(t1849)(t1850)

January 11
-trade with hollie: goggles10 for glacier10 (t1851)
-trade with ruriair: cinderella02, cinderella07 for turban01, bizarre08 (t1852)(t1853)

January 12
-trade with thu: model04 for america05 (t1854)

January 15
-trade with chianna: clown03, clown06, clown08, joker07, magician04, meimei02, raven01, watchdog01, blondies17 for russia05, russia08, icolo01, icolo09, pkk05, heathcliff06, crybaby02, glacier01, glacier01 (t1855)(t1856)(t1857)(t1858)(t1859)(t1860)(t1861)(t1862)(t1863)

January 22
-trade with ten: aura05, bartender08, cetra03, cetra09, chef04, chef07, destiny03, hero02, home01, protect03, ramen01, red07, seashell08, skateboard03, wind03, tiger04, soldier03, soldier04, sindria10 for barrier08, strawhat04, records06, russia10, crybaby08, unrequited03, habataki03, arrogant01, bluehat08, cosmos09, friendly02, friendly08, future10, germany03, insecure02, magama06, meruru05, ogre10, trainer07 (t1864)(t1865)(t1866)(t1867)(t1868)(t1869)(t1870)(t1871)(t1872)(t1873)(t1874)(t1875)(t1876)(t1877)(t1878)(t1879)(t1880)(t1881)(t1882)

January 28
-trade with debs: hentai10, killer07, killer10, lovestruck01, lovestruck09, reliable06, revolution07, sonic06 for arrogant10, blacklotus01, fastest10, gal04, glacier04, goodluck01, leading02, luck01 (t1883)(t1884)(t1885)(t1886)(t1887)(t1888)(t1889)(t1890)

February 1
-cupid farewell: demanding04, roommate03, kbt08, mochi04
-no release announcement: glacier03, crezant02, clover10, tomboy10, bluedragon08, photon06, gankutsuou02, shark07, school18
-staff Pay 1 jan - 15 jan: ranking09, virgo06, prodigy04, prospero05, biblical09, familiar03, money09, morale03, costumes10, challenge09, disgrace02, intelligence01, martine07, knives01, slap10, holiness05, fiancee01, virtue09, neechan09, pegasus02, reader06, tarot10, colonel01, mage03, vigilante07, watchdog08
-staff Pay jan 16 - jan 31: martine08, tasla06, fighter04, bizarre08, voxlympha02, yukianesa04, photograph02, manage04, keyboard10, comic08, charm08, struggler04, realist05, dropshot05, swordswoman04, snowflake01, reigan09, foolish09, courage09, turban05, meimei04, bungeegum04, friendship05, diary05, peach07, stonefree04, shy01, kaleidostick03, dependable03, basketball10, serve01, diary03, gekokujou09, hands09, levi09, explorer06
-deckmaker pay: bully10, stonemask06, literary03, popular09, mikan02, phoenix06, blood01, integrity07, blitzace07, tree04, bodyguard09, mentor08, safeypins10, d008, tyranny01, theories03, itako04, fire06, odanfo06, recall02, vampire09, snake03, raimon10, calico05, delinquent06, onigiri03, 10join09, varna01, paladienne07, punches03, loveletter, loveletter
-birthday: fanservice06, fighter08, orangepotion, loveletter

February 12
-deck release 22 (february): blueblur01, finite03, thunder03, healer03, salute06
-trade with hollie: thunder03 for blueblur06 (t1891)

February 13
-trade with aaron: successor08, ssvd08, rainfell01, rainfell03, rainfell04, rainfell07 for unrequited04, brass01, brass03, trickster08, meruru03, blade01 (t1892)(t1893)(t1894)(t1895)(t1896)(t1897)
-trade with saya: trainers19, habanero02, habanero08, habanero09, mc_joyce for melee16, swords01, penguin10, hyrule03, mc_saya (t1898)(t1899)(t1900)(t1901)(1902)
-trade with mephala: analyst05, four03, speed07, captain06, captain08, copy08 for graffiti03, girlslove17, protagonists18, fastest06, friendship06, breeder07 (t1903)(t1904)(t1905)(t1906)(t1907)(t1908)
-trade with lita: boundaries06 for blueblur07 (t1909)

February 14
-trade with netbug: healer03 for blueblur05 (t1910)
-trade with bacci: twilight01, twilight05, twilight08, venus08, uranus09, resolve04, resolve05, resolve10, neptune10 for biased05, dusktaker08, fighting06, kid08, perspective10, pharaoh01, silent06, victory04, wrestler09 (t1911)(t1912)(t1913)(t1914)(t1915)(t1916)(t1917)(t1918)(t1919)

February 15
-staff pay feb 1 - feb 15: shotgun03, devoted04, network06, ariadne05, earth06, naive04, ladybug10, puppet05, dinosaur10, vows03, two04, gangster07, oblivious02, all-around08, gemini03, pendragon05, devoted07, middleeast02, hermes07, nemesis04, strategist02, airwing05, titrel01, finite04, tea09, digipad03, brave09, gran08, bunny08, gynoid04, sopheria03, captive07

February 16
-trade with miyuki: luna06 for pkk10 (t1920)
-games festival - round 20: queen02, nei03, future04, estraneo06, smallgiant09, courage03, capsule03, dinah08, oni05, rappigs10, loveletter

February 17
-discussion - round 44: yareyare05, thanatos07
-trade with arisa: celestial06, coffee09, defense09, detective09, foolish09, france05, france09, france10, medic09, prosecutor05, prosecutor08 for cook01, nebula10, amita05, bravo10, chatter06, chatter08, dropshot02, average02, bizarre09, blade07, captive02 (t1921)(t1922)(t1923)(t1924)(t1925)(t1926)(t1927)(t1928)(t1929)(t1930)(t1931)

February 19
-trade with chris: don06, jump06, kouzuki07, kouzuki08, mamushi03, sexta08, mc_joyce for bravo05, corporal02, gundam03, interpol05, pirate02, bluehair14, mc_chris (t1932)(t1933)(t1934)(t1935)(t1936)(t1937)(t1938)

February 20
-trade with gigi: goddess02, goddess10, pressure04, pressure05 for average04, bonkotsu04, captive02, zaku09 (t1939)(t1940)(t1941)(t1942)

February 21
-otp battles - round 88: book01
-simon says - round 92: marine05, loveletter (gave away dragoon10)

February 28
-trade with bacci: finite03 for blueblur02 (t1943)
-trade with chianna: salute06 for blueblur10 (t1944)

March 2
-valentine's day event - unscramble the phrase: records07, rosary06, redpotion, pinkpotion, bluepotion, greenpotion, purplepotion, orangepotion, event-bemyvalentine, valentines-remake

March 5
-deckmaker pay: gasmask10, kiss-shot05, junes05, potato02, visualkei01, cow01, lancer03, male01, parent04, kyotoryu08, powered06, pranks10, c-0102, narcolepsy07, poison10, tactician06, punches01, ranked08, flowersong01, petite07, mail01, pigtails02, script05, collar09, d007, posion01, west06, sunny07, strict04, tail01, friendship03, hitsuzen02, sutras05, adviser01, baseball04, prince07, loveletter, loveletter
-staff pay feb 16 - feb 28: vacation01, julia10, toy01, artist06, commander08, whiterose07, maou01, dragons05, chopin08, itako07, bucking08, jump10, celestial02, servant10, avaricious04, ecstasy05, gundam06, strategist03, expelled03, fiance09, reader07, sherry01, box02, friends05, crow06, beauty09, ssvd02, fullmoon02, ricochet04, knave01, bluesky03, western08, moonbase09, tasla02, wolf10, marble04

March 6
-trade with miyuki: tophat06, duty03 for prithivi10, workaholic05 (t1945)(t1946)
-trade with qu-ko: 10join09, crest03, crest04, crest05, crest09, fanservice04, fanservice06, photon03, photon06, shark07 for capsule06, interpol01, penguin06, china01, gleam03, arrogant07, average07, bonkotsu07, cabbage02, cosmos08 (t1947)(t1948)(t1949)(t1950)(t1951)(t1952)(t1953)(t1954)(t1955)(t1956)

March 10
-trade with dan: neechan09, branded06, etu04, struggler03, struggler04, zura03, records01, records03, records04, records05, reigan09, neechan10 for disgrace10, hornet08, talent07, bizarre07, bluehat03, dusktaker05, friendly03, germany07, magama09, pooka02, spartoi05, tasla01 (t1957)(t1958)(t1959)(t1960)(t1961)(t1962)(t1963)(t1964)(t1965)(t1966)(t1967)(t1968)

March 13
-masteries: japan-england, sugar04, magi08, autozam01, volley03, volley05, volley08, purplepotion
-masteries: china-russia, space10, sanpaku10, uesugi06, volley10, crezant04, destroy08, pinkpotion
-masteries: records-rosary, ojousama02, winged09, ciaossu05, richie02, richie06, richie10, purplepotion
-masteries: crezant-destroy, fireemblem06, tyranny09, loveletter06, rosary06, rosary08, rosary09, redpotion
-masteries: dropshot-volley, jeanne03, kappa06, realist04, artist01, artist02, bizarre06, redpotion
-masteries: rosary-richie, zero03, darksoul10, unyielding02, workaholic03, workaholic06, workaholic08, orangepotion
-ot3 claims: phoenix-firefist-phoenix, richie-records-rosary, pervert-sutras-recite
-deck release 23 (march): makeup02, cranky02, tailswipe05, cheerleader03, bakuzan10, scissor03, midnight01, hedonist01, kiss04, valentines17

March 14
-otp battles - round 91: royal01

March 17
-staff pay mar 1 - mar 15: vino04, novelist02, france02, capsule03, kuriboh09, dullahan04, hierophant03, heiress01, toy03, screams06, uchuujin07, niji06, taijutsu09, killer07, sannin05, veneziano04, hime08, capsule05, clone02, founder05, alchemy06, regulus10, saint04, violinist05, tristesse01, virgo10, hummingbird09, medium06, disguise03, foxhound09, justice03, blacklynx05, morte06, punisher01, defense01, operator06, cyberblader10, fake08, salaryman06, bat09, recall04, evolver07, kritya05, limiters10, tea03, witch05, fish02, eldest04, fastest03, naginata06, goodluck04

March 18
-trade with stareyes: detective03, yatagarasu02, tamer05, tamer10, headbutt04, jumpy08, queen02, silkworm08, taichi01, taichi05, yami08 for biased09, hadoken07, pallet05, yankee09, unrequited02, gleam09, gasmask07, manager01, bride01, hyrule08, triforce05 (t1969)(t1970)(t1971)(t1972)(t1973)(t1974)(t1975)(t1976)(t1977)(t1978)(y1979)
-trade with bacci: cheerleader03, finite04 for tailswipe10, spartoi01 (t1980)(t1981)
-trade with christy: butler07, butler09, chainsaw07, costumes05, fiancee01, hatter05, janina10, meimei04, popular02, raven10, shrewd02, tactician01, tactician06, taguel08 for meister01, barrier01, barrier05, america09, pacifist07, pacifist08, gakuran09, maou05, azuresky03, cadence07, cake05, cyanpile04, insecure10, shy01 (t1982)(t1983)(t1984)(t1985)(t1986)(t1987)(t1988)(t1989)(t1990)(t1991)(t1992)(t1993)(t1994)(t1995)
-trade with finni: blood-scythe09, mc_joyce for uesugi10, mc_finni, gave crezant02 (t1996)(t1997)(t1998)
-exchange: protagonists01, hilt20, rivals14 for peacemaker10, barrier10, protagonists09, protagonists10

March 19
-freebies - round 48: lines04, manage10

March 20
-singles' claim: maou03, maou07, scarletrain05, bluehair05, protagonists15
-trading achievement (1725): peak02, troublesome01, cross07
-trading achievement (1750): fangs02, windor10, lancet05
-trading achievement (1775): peacemaker07, stray09, menma10
-trading achievement (1800): advisor06, pranks07, advisor02, tweet10, pink potion, Love Letter
-trading achievement (1825): littlecrane05, spectator05, phantasm10
-trading achievement (1850): wednesday06, fighting05, destruction07
-trading achievement (1875): cadence01, insecure06, lance03
-trading achievement (1900): spartan02, archery07, guitar08, protect06, bluepotion, Love Letter
-trading achievement (1925): righthand10, thoughtful06, leading10
-trading achievement (1950): hyakka04, lazy09, honoo05

March 22
-shop (card pack 01-redpotion-x2): protagonists04, protagonists19
-shop (card pack 02-pinkpotion-x2): balbadd01, balbadd08, fanalis04, fanalis09
-shop (card pack 03-bluepotion-x2): barrier03, witch06, useless02, witch10
-shop (card pack 04-greenpotion-): sorceress01, coach05
-shop (card pack 05-purplepotion-): airhead01, exchanger01, original10, laughter10
-shop (card pack 06-orangepotion-): vicepresident04, fourth10, taichi07, fonist09, sunglasses10, koopa03

March 26
-assemble - round 21: wrench03, celestial01, interpol08

March 27
-trade with francy: amazon05, costumes02, costumes06, fishing04 for chatter10, cyanpile10, spartoi07, unrequited02 (t1999)(t2000)(t2001)(t2002)

March 31
-trade with ten: academics04 for captive08 (t2003)

April 4
-trade with thu: anaru02, anaru06, anaru07, anaru10, dealer02, guitar08, judgement02, judgement05, menma07, vocalist02, vocalist03, anaru09 for crybaby01, crybaby08, bravo03, zaku04, arrogant05, bonkotsu06, cosmos05, devotion10, pooka10, taijutsu10, titrel04, turban02 (t2004)(t2005)(t2006)(t2007)(t2008)(t2009)(t2010)(t2011)(t2012)(t2013)(t2014)(t2015)

April 12
-trade with ruriair: bat09, fairy09, fairy10, kurta02 for cadence03, pharaoh04, victory10, melee20 (t2016)(t2017)(t2018)(t2019)
-staff pay - mar 16 - mar 31: idiot10, latowidge06, bandages10, kaleidostick09, phantom04, lawful05, jockey10, small03, magi04, c-0107, grimmoire10, temporal02, selfish03, lipstick10, daabu01, salaryman08, wing04, oppai20, idols10, service01
-deckmaker pay: trickster06, scold08, royal07, uesugi09, bison03, tophat05, advisor09, gran01, twilight06, curious02, struggler05, eyelashes07, shooter03, kiss-shot06, mage06, clone06, coverall02, effort06, awarded08, deathscythe07, lonely03, successor01, lastking02, yami06, bedridden10, loveletter

April 14
-trade with arisa: airguitar04, airguitar06, luminol04, magi04, magi08, vows01, vows03 for fiance03, interpol08, cabbage10, germany05, shy04, silvercrow07, turban03 (t2020)(t2021)(t2022)(t2023)(t2024)(t2025)(t2026)

April 15
-staff pay apr 1 - apr 15: hound10, crusnik01, knuckles08, hatcher09, sadistic07, verloren03, varnani08, sherpherd02, friends08, idealist10, speed07, elrit01, judgement08, fest10, return09, bangs08, seven08, perceive07, c-0104, network02, glutton08, interface04, maid01, trumpet08, wrestler02, silvana09, clow02, useless08, 7thheaven04, mafia02, obsession08, poison04, lacrosse04, septette09, colonel02, theories01, photograph05, gasmask09, rapier06, gekko04, blacklynx10, magus01, foolish05, aura07, flamboyant08, ophelia09, cop10, youth01, galactic03, clowndrop09, catcher06, heathcliff09, alcor03, older09, ordinary06, hadoken01, trainers07, salute08, kiss07

April 16
-2nd anniversary event - questionnaire: 80 macarons. colors: blue x12, brown x9, green x9, orange x10, pink x6, purple x11, salmon x11, yellow x12

April 21
-2nd anniversary - event shop: plus2decks, instantmastery, pluscardpack, doublerewards, event-2years, protective10, rational07, poplar01, tuxedo04, eques07, martine01, magichat08, teller07, distant07, lastking10, saiyan05, suna-suna09, adventurer10, yami08, regulus02, teach04, mafia03, commander07, tamer06, trumpet02

April 27
trade with christy: capsule03, demanding04, earl02, lines04 for bride03, bride07, makeup07, midnight09 (t2027)(t2028)(t2029)(t2030)

April 29
-deck release 24 (april): sail07, monopolize02, cunning10, tradition05, lowest05, pai-pai02, ditzy08, karasu10, royals20, family13

May 1
-staff pay 16 apr - 30 apr: joker05, ivy07, lancet06, rikka01, pegasus05, tiger03, spot03, virgo05, host01, serve10, mikan01, acrobatic03, typhoon07, mechanics06, starwarrior09, chainsaw05, hitsuzen10, oblivious03, phasing10, setter05, catgirl03, liar08, saru02, hentai08, eyelashes03, golden09, fangs02, grimmoires08, epitaph08, impostors05, researcher05, vengeance08, swindler01, niji09, wild08, stationery01, blitzace08, wary03, imitation06, kantoku05, adventurer05, cybele09, pooka08, dualblade04, friendship10, literature03

May 2
-singles' claims: claws09, database06, database09, librarian02, limebell03
-trade with francy: costumes08, costumes10, ophelia09, partner10, trickster06, trickster08 for tailswipe01, nebula07, bubbles10, taijutsu05, unrequited03, pharaoh09 (t2031)(t2032)(t2033)(t2034)(t2035)(t2036)
-trade with arisa: airhead01, dualblade01, dualblade04, effort06, vigilante07 for cranky10, makeup03, azuresky10, germany01, zangetsu01 (t2037)(t2038)(t2039)(t2040)(t2041)
-trade with jen: ageha01, blackmagic03, bow03, mc_joyce for corporal04, leading08, claws07, mc_jen, gifted graduate05, heiress09, reckless04 (t2042)(t2043)(t2044)(t2045)
trade with bacci: digger10, pirate07 for cunning01, sail05 (t2046)(t2047)

May 3
trade with celi: blindfold05, brave09, deceive06, eyebrows05, france02, punches03, smallgiant09, spain02, spain03, spain06, spain09, swordsman09, raven06 for bishamonten05, bishamonten07, disgrace08, fiance02, fiance06, leading05, arrogant09, responsibility07, scarlet01, short02, short09, taijutsu07, wednesday07 (t2048)(t2049)(t2050)(t2051)(t2052)(t2053)(t2054)(t2055)t2056)(t2057)(t2058)(t2059)(t2060)
-trade with abyss: laserbeam04, rhythm05, sexta08, spot09, swindler05, swindler07, mc_joycefor claws06, daabu03, goodluck08, goodluck10, monopolize09, shoryuken04, mc_abyss (t2061)(t2062)(t2063)(t2064)(t2065)(t2066)(t2067)

May 4
-shop (card pack 01 x2-redpotion-): protagonists06, protagonists07
-shop (card pack 02 x2-pinkpotion-): cook03, cook06, nirvash02, nirvash03
-shop (card pack 03 x2-bluepotion-): strawhat06, america10, strawhat07, amita03
-shop (card pack 04-greenpotion-): mago02, babylon07
-shop (card pack 05-purplepotion-): ubermonk03, ecstasy04, paradise09, virtue03
-shop (card pack 06-orangepotion-): gungnir04, understudy09, spade08, sniper09, heels03, clowndrop04
-shop (card pack 07 x2-orangepotion, greenpotion, purplepotion-): shoujo16, ahoge10, muscles02, chibi02, girlslove04, ninjas01
-exchange: babyface03, bedridden10, blacklynx10, burning09, deathscythe07, dos06, fake01, gangstar04, gran08, knave04, loyalty09, meteor06 for protagonists12, nirvash08, nirvash09, nirvash10

May 5
-trade with stareyes: taichi01, reliable09, tail03, tamer02, three02, three05, three10, dra-mata05, champion10, model01, morningstar07, mist04, mist05 for blueblur03, union03, heathcliff07, bravo07, maou04, biased01, brass06, claws02, claws05, cyanpile03, interpol04, talent05, wild03 (t2068)(t2069)(t2070)(t2071)(t2072)(t2073)(t2074)(t2075)(t2076)(t2077)(t2078)(t2079)(t2080)

May 7
-deck release 25 (may): ripple02, melody05, engetsu02, cigars06, shonichi10, command10, drillclaw06, eroge10, 2ndanniversary10, 2ndanniversary01
-trade with dan: ripple02 for drillclaw03 (t2081)
-trade with abyss: mullet04 for drillclaw01 (t2082)
-trade with styx: aeon04, aeon08, armadillo10, blitzace01, blitzace02, blitzace03, blitzace07, blitzace08, cetra03, evolver07, exchanger01, fighter04, fighter08, friendship05, friendship10, horn03, horn09, knuckles07, love01, love04, magi04, magi08, materia02, materia10, perfecto08, tweet10 for icolo03, pacifist05, crybaby05, gleam10, fiance08, gakuran08, habataki09, manager03, rabanastre06, scouting09, zaku07, biased07, devotion07, elrit10, germany02, hadoken10, hermit07, kakarot04, librarian07, librarian08, magama01, palmtop08, limebell02, responsibility05, sanpaku01, girlslove18 (t2083)(t2084)(t2085)(t2086)(t2087)(t2088)(t2089)(t2090)(t2091)(t2092)(t2093)(t2094)(t2095)(t2096)(t2097)(t2098)(t2099)(t2100)(t2101)(t2102)(t2103)(t2104)(t2105)(t2106)(t2107)(t2108)
-trade with pam: fairy01, moonmagic06, zero06, school18 for bravo06, bravo07, tailswipe04, tradition06 (t2109)(t2110)(t2111)(t2112)
-trade with ruriair: blackbird07, kurta09, sunglasses09, sunglasses10, melody05 for icolo07, bakuzan06, daabu05, shoryuken07, drillclaw05 (t2113)(t2114)(t2115)(t2116)(t2117)

May 9
-trade with marge: penguin09, quarterback09, athlete08, all-around08, captive02, c-0102, c-0104, c-0107, c-0110, c-0310, cucumbers04, kyotoryu08, maps07, setter05, stonemask02, stonemask06 for baton08, disgrace02, fiance10, gasmask07, hornet01, triforce01, varna08, varnani10, bluehat04, bluehat05, bluehat07, dusktaker01, database10, insecure01, librarian01, melee10 (t2118)(t2119)(t2120)(t2121)(t2122)(t2123)(t2124)(t2125)(t2126)(t2127)(t2128)(t2129)(t2130)(t2131)(t2132)(t2133)
-trade with nea: shonichi10 for drillclaw07 (t2134)
-trade with saya: cigars06 for drillclaw08 (t2135)

May 10
-deckmaker pay: blacksuit01, karate03, isolation03, breeder05, tuxedo01, resurrect03, kaguya04, envious07, european01, harmonious08, venus01, point06, c-0210, demonk07, interfere04, punisher10, goofy05, midget09, loveletter

May 13
-trade with chris: engetsu02 for drillclaw09 (t2136)

May 16
-shop card pack 01-redpotion-)x2: bluehair15, bluehair16
-shop card pack 02-bluepotion-)x3: uesugi03, uesugi07, bishamonten02, bishamonten04, hornet01, hornet03
-shop card pack 03-pinkpotion-)x2: bishamoten10, hornet07, baking03, gakuran05
-shop card pack 04-greenpotion-): earl02, seahorse10
-shop card pack 05-purplepotion-): outcasts01, sadistic09, engetsu07, contractor07
-shop card pack 06-orangepotion-): icolo08, ssvd01, tigerdrive02, eques06, cucumbers01, chosen01

May 17
-staff pay 1 may - 15 may: silpheed04, ojousama08, kritya03, hybrid03, magama04, remaining04, bloody06, vector08, icequeen05, bishamonten09, orb05, time03, triforce10, serpent02, jeanne01, fullmetal09, tenku04, bat01, wingspiker06, shogi01, strahl10, fire03, cyanpile06, night08, smallgiant01, enter03, evolver10, demanding03, church05, bow05, vows07, flamenco10, poland09, young09, karasu06, diabound05, betrayed02, boxing04, voile08, honor06

May 21
-trade with dan: bossun10, dominion06, catgirl03, lipstick10, takeover01, switch04, switch07, richie01, redrose01, redrose04, redrose06, redrose07, redrose08 for melee10, blueblur05, leading01, medea02, medea10, pharaoh03, bakuzan10, biased05, claws05, curse03, curse05, curse07, goodluck07, gal05 (t2137)(t2138)(t2139)(t2140)(t2141)(t2142)(t2143)(t2144)(t2145)(t2146)(t2147)(t2148)(t2149)

May 22
-shop (card pack 02-pinkpotion-)x3: glacier07, glacier08, pistols05, pistols06, icolo04, icolo08
-shop (card pack 03-bluepotion-)x2: america06, russia03, america08, russia10
-trade with chianna: 2ndanniversary10 for drillclaw10 (t2150)
-trade with dan: firebomber07, hound01, golden01, golden05, golden07, golden09, point06, kanemochi03 for captive06, captive09, ssvd07, ssvd06, uchuujin02, cake10, cranky01, short04 (t2152)(t2153)(t2154)(t2155)(t2156)(t2157)(t2158)(t2159)
-trade with arisa: foolish05 for cranky08 (t2151)

May 26
-trade with kiri: axe10, boxing04, hermes02, hermes04 for baton07, database07, triforce08, uchuujin09 (t2160)(t2161)(t2162)(t2163)
-trade with marge: midget09 for millennium01 (t2164)
-trade with raie: bunny08, danto03, dimension08, ring07, youth01 for zangetsu10, quincy05, scissor10, bakuzan04, karasu05 (t2165)(t2166)(t2167)(t2168)(t2169)
-trade with christy: apathetic07, demanding03, earl02, glutton08, lewdness03, small03 for blacksuit10, fiance08, hyrule07, pooka06, shoryuken01, zaku01 (t2170)(t2171)(t2172)(t2173)(t2174)(t2175)
-trade with marge: command10 for drillclaw04 (t2176)

May 27
-trade with bacci: eroge10 for drillclaw02 (t2177)

June 2
-trade with thu: eldest04, pancake08, sadistic05, sadistic07, sadistic09 for magama07, university02, pallet02, agni10, ouji02 (t2178)(t2179)(t2180)(t2181)(t2182)

June 14
-hiatus freebies - week 2: abyss08, hammerwhirl02, chimera03, tomboy05, aeon01, love09, ninis02, ninjutsu06, bizarre03, eroge06, russia03, russia10
-hiatus freebies - week 1: aoitori06, hollie05, phobia10, boku03, bonkotsu01, counter05, ordinary08, golden03, basroil06, mystery03, america06, america08

June 15
-staff pay may 16 - may 31: expelled02, gal05, enthusiasm06, owl09, eienpressure05, homunculus07, takeover03, revolver01, zangetsu04, box08, snowwhite10, yuukei10, indifferent06, spear10, blacklotus02, scarletrain09, dullahan10, fangs03, attention08, observer07, toy02, hyrule09, vintage10, aeronautics06, taichi10, dancer07, protecting09, dagger09, temporal06, record05, database08, kattobing02, cascade05, glorious07, platinum07, gundam02, idealist10, america03, luxuries06, fate02, janina01, stripes04, fangirl09, stud01, celestial10

June 25
-hiatus freebies: heathcliff02, copy06, vacation06, sunny07, young02, evangel04, miko07, goal07, geek06, muttsurini08, union06, union08

July 4
-hiatus freebies: kindhearted02, hoodie02, focus01, escort09, cyanpile10, tristesse05, grimmoire05, luna01, myrmidon08, playboy06, witch01, witch02

July 5
-trade with thu: nyorin02, interfere04, lance03, limiters10, sadistic09, theory07, yuukei04, yuukei10, icolo08, literary03 for average02, biased08, blacklotus05, bonkotsu02, bonkotsu05, chatter02, claws03, conclusions02, conclusions03, flamenco07, loveletter (t2183)(t2184)(t2185)(t2186)(t2187)(t2188)(t2189)(t2190)(t2191)(t2192)

July 15
-trade with pam: kiss07 for crybaby07 (t2193)

July 29
staff pay 1 jun - 5 jul: strain07, alchemy10, carpenter06, dreams06, shoryuken07, photographer06, kaleidostick05, trickster05, phantom09, daru02

July 30
deck release 26: ataraxia01, handkerchief09, senpai03, redstone08, horns05, ethereal10, spaceship01, astronaut01, sports06, sports08

July 31
-deckmaker pay: joker10, council02, robattle04, toy07, church04, chizen02, jr08, uranus09, cross10, fights07, babylon09, outside07, nekomata07, death07, chosen04, jersey01, commander08, eroge02, ceo06, ooparts03, blacksuit03, nodachi06, rabanastre01, catgirl02, lacytanga03, assault01, infected06, defense10, elwind03, oracle09, babyface06, hitsuzen10, knave09, bucket06, autozam01, aide09, amaterasu04, salaryman09, plum08, south01, recite07, training07, dependable09, lacytanga02, meltdowner04, loveletter, loveletter
assemble - round 23: heartbeat04, mail05, hamlet04

August 3
-trade with dan: handkerchief09 for ataraxia05 (t2194) [T01]

August 7
-staff pay 6 jul - 31 jul: fishman08, zentradi01, cop10, ranguren05, 7thheaven08, reckless07, fangirl05, ice04, wrestler03, thundergod06, housework07, pisces07, poppo09, flash07, nurse01, blade07, broom05, niji02, starseeker10, fourth05, investigator01, spy09, nora08, guardian04, germany01, prosecute06, headphones05, mature08, neon05, cafe08, gurren02, airwing01, garden03, peach09, tsuruko01, hypnosis04, embezzle02, curiosity08, basroil07, dunebuggy05, needles01, timid10, cetra09, treasurer05, luckydog08, intense05, psychic05, tenchou06, cheerleader09, cr-s0103, zodiac03, rebirth10, heritage10, charmer10, wild01, luckydog06, piano06, ponta02, catcher05, spider07, meister03, founder04, priest01, allmate03, gambling04, naginata07, knitting02, pluto07, right04, copycat01, fairy03, lazy06

August 9
-matchmaker - round 110: guitarist05, magic10, butler04 -g01-
-simon says - round 110: service06, redheads11 (gave away chibi02) -g02-

August 10
-freebies - round 57: basroil06, shoryuken08 -g03-
-masteries: balbadd-fanalis, chosen06, embezzle05, home03, useless09, useless10, meister02, pinkpotion
-masteries: peacemaker-barrier, sanome03, gekko10, boots05, blueblur04, blueblur08, blueblur09, redpotion
-masteries: useless-witch, vigilante06, plaidvest03, nervous03, strawhat03, titans01, titans03, greenpotion
-masteries: meister-union, serve09, bounty07, sand08, baton09, habataki07, habataki08, orangepotion
-masteries: drillclaw-blueblur, reincarnation08, enforcer04, headphones01, baking06, germany06, veneziano06, greenpotion
-masteries: protagonists-master, wonder02, happyda02, monitor08, oblige04, bluehair01, bluehair02, bluehair04, bluepotion

August 12
-matchmaker - round 111: avemaria08, chimera10 -g04-
-trade with styx: naginata06, christmas14, rivals14 for recite10, stripes06, wicked05 (t2195)(t2196)(t2197) [T02]

August 14
-trade with marie: amaterasu04, blood01, camellia05, blue03, whitehair11, mc_joyce for ataraxia09, lowest01, pkk08, zangetsu08, sports07, mc_marie (t2198)(t2199)(t2200)(t2201)(t2202)(t2203) [T03]

August 15
-games festival - round 29: landgod02, seashell06, dependable06, kanemochi07, matricide07, monkey03, nurse01, panda06, loveletter, loveletter -g05-
-puzzle chain - round 25: minerva03, project04, apprentice04, script10, kaguya03, holiness02, loveletter, orangepotion -g06-
-swapping - round 56: serious07 for baseball05 -g07-
-trade with bacci: catgirl02 for silence04 (t2204) [T04]
-trade with ralene: record05, reincarnation05, reincarnation08, twinblade02, twinblade06, yami02, yami08 for childhood14, crossover20, chatter07, kakarot02, photon04, one05, symmetry08 (t2205)(t2206)(t2207)(t2208)(t2209)(t2210)(t2211) [T05]
-trade with lita: box08, manager02, minus09 for bonkotsu09, bosozoku07, blaster05 (t2212)(t2213)(t2214) [T06]

August 16
-trade with jun: commander06, commander07, branded06, blackbird02, blackbird05 for crezant04, corporal08, climber02, lightmusic03, ogre06 (t2215)(t2216)(t2217)(t2218)(t2219) [T07]

August 17
-otp battles - round 107: gloomy06, mayonnaise09, bench07 -g08-
-trade with miyuki: xguns01, xguns02, mc_joyce for crezant02, crezant05, mc_miyuki (t2220)(t2221)(t2222) [T08]

August 18
-matchmaker - round 112: naive02, veda02 -g09-
-staff Pay 1 aug - 15 aug: temper01, saru05, chumley06, silent03, headbutt08, timid08, vayu05, fiancee09, research06, umbralis01, cold01, spacetech09, marshmallows08, date04, sealed05, taozi03, narcolepsy10, spores07, hat05, paramedic07, witch06, bored03, airsoft10, cop04, galge10, songtress03, plaidvest01, network03, sasayan02, discord08, black08, shadow03, blazefire02, kindhearted07, sweettooth04

August 20
-deckmaker pay: pizza10, aquarius02, moonlight02, mage01, violinist01, supernatural09, anxious02, executor08, cosmos03, wind10, archangel03, avaricious09, sangosho02, kage10, gambler09, happyberry03, average10, malicevorous09, guilt02, bazooka03, lieutenant05, ribbons07, ubermonk05, mirror09, loveletter
-freebies - round 58: kusarigama02, unique09 -g10-
-otp battles - round 108: athlum01 -g11-
-trade with dan: struggler05, struggler10, resurrect03, resurrect10 for blacksuit10, crowknight07, snakeknight08, seinen14 (t2223)(t2224)(t2225)(t2226)

August 21
-masteries: hornet-pistols, bikini07, shigure02, lonesome10, strawhat01, strawhat03, strawhat06, purplepotion
-masteries: bishamonten-uesugi, myrmidon06, twig09, darkstone04, strawhat07, strawhat10, swords02, purplepotion
-masteries: gakuran-baking, ladybug09, timid07, parasol04, swords03, swords05, bluehat01, redpotion
-masteries: glacier-nebula, sindria05, jock08, hearts01, bluehat02, bluehat09, bluehat10, greenpotion
-masteries: canard-workaholic, limiters01, minister09, pleasure02, veneziano08, university05, university09, orangepotion
-masteries: bizarre-artist, justice01, okashi10, cursed10, responsibility03, responsibility02, spartoi06, redpotion
-masteries: amita-nirvash, backpack07, syringe01, android05, spartoi08, magama08, magama10, purplepotion
-masteries: russia-america, uesugi02, styx08, gorilla10, librarian04, librarian05, database02, orangepotion
-masteries: cook-strawhat, newtype07, nei04, smallgiant05, database03, database04, database05, pinkpotion
-masteries: strawhat-swords, prosecute03, sablier10, gaps04, revolution03, revolution04, revolution08, pinkpotion
-summer matsuri special - target practice: iga01, incubus10, meister03, newspaper04, orange10 for 2ndanniversary09, s-support04, valentines14, redpotion, pinkpotion, bluepotion -g12-
-simon says - round 111: net02, cigars09 (gave away koopa03) -g13-

August 22
-ot3 claims: russia-america-china, strawhat-swords-cook
-trading achievement (1975): bomb06, digipad04, romeo09
-trading achievement (2000): fishman07, hummingbird09, maracas09, hyrule10, purplepotion, loveletter
-trading achievement (2025): frozen07, scar03, bandaged09
-trading achievement (2050): pancakes09, kiss-shot01, starmagic10
-trading achievement (2075): monk08, uppercut04, shunshin07
-summer matsuri special - fortune draw: winged08, friendly02, firstwomb04 -g14-

August 23
-deck release 27: reserved01, relentless01, snakeknight01, crowknight01, dogknight01, phd01, reward08, nailpolish02, seinen02, seinen13
-shop (loveletter)x3: bride01, bride04, protagonists09
-picture hunt - round 05: strict02, nailpolish08, warrior06, kiss09 -g15-
-trade with jun: royal01, stonemask06 for certainty05, miracles10 (t2227)(t2228)
-trade with raie: tiger06, flash07, mc_joyce for ducttape09, useless07, mc_raie (t2229)(t2230)(t2231) [T09]
-trade with christy: bandaged09, chainsaw10, commander08, hitsuzen06, sealed05, shunshin07, spores07, styx08, uranus09 for biased10, outside10, cabbage09, elrit06, hyrule08, insecure05, researcher05, shy10, virtue02 (t2232)(t2233)(t2234)(t2235)(t2236)(t2237)(t2238)(t2239)(t2240) [T10]
-trade with ruriair: breeder07, certainty03, network06, vector08, reward08, nailpolish02 for blacksuit02, ogre05, wonder01, wonder08, dogknight02, phd02 (t2241)(t2242)(t2243)(t2244)(t2245)(t2246) [T11]
-trade with thu: beater01, pizza07, placards07, pkk02 for crossover14, bungeegum09, butterfly02, five09 (t2247)(t2248)(t2249)(t2250) [T12]

August 24
-mini-mastery: haircolor-joyce, yankee02, yankee05, painless04, amanti08, question08, redheads14

August 25
-trade with ruriair: nailpolish08 for existence10 (t2251)
-matchmaker - round 113: sunglasses07, bonds05 -g16-

August 27
-matsuri special - card scooping: ricochet08, reo07, emotional02, trainer06, levi09 -g17-
-trade with francy: sand05, sand06, sand09 for dogknight05, phd05, seinen18 (t2252)(t2253)(t2254) [T13]
-trade with nea: king02, king04, king07, ponta02, ponta03, ponta08 for cadence02, fastest07, heian03, horns06, knowledge05, knox10 (t2255)(t2256)(t2257)(t2258)(t2259)(t2260) [T14]
-trade with lex: foxhound09, fighting05, fighting06, aoitori06, babylon09, basroil06, dependable09, dualblade09, starmagic10, rainfell05, salute08, ahoge10, lizard04, meteor09, morte06, piano07 for dogknight04, phd04, allmate09, arrogant01, backstroke10, biased02, biased04, bravo02, bravo04, captive03, heian08, intense08, manager01, manager04, sail07, scissor07 (t2261)(t2262)(t2263)(t2264)(t2265)(t2266)(t2267)(t2268)(t2269)(t2270)(t2271)(t2272)(t2273)(t2274)(t2275)(t2276) [T15]

August 28
-matsuri special - raffle: smallprize -g18-
-matsuri special - fireworks: lightmusic09, eremita10, goldmoon02 -g19-

August 30
-swapping - round 57: rabbit04 for yareyare02 -g20-
-trade with heather: gothloli09, grimmoires04, grimmoires06, grimmoires08, voxlympha08, network08 for crezant03, gleam08, gleam09, intense02, intense04, intense07 (t2277)(t2278)(t2279)(t2280)(t2281)(t2282)

August 31
-trade with cami: composer07, composer08, mc_joyce for head01, seinen12, mc_cami (t2283)(t2284)(t2285)

September 1
-otp battles - round 109: power09

Septemeber 3
-trade with netbug: dependable06, ice04 for goodluck08, kakarot03 (t2286)(t2287)

September 4
-staff pay 16 aug - 31 aug: meimei06, teikoku09, thanatos06, clown01, tyrant03, steal01, monitor05, whitebase02, cruel02, skill-out06, moose01, copy08, drag08, iwant10, songstress02, gangstar06, perceive09, fanservice08, journalist03, forward01, gasmask06, androphobia09, blaze01, tail03, defense10, model09, iga04, latowidge01, quail07, science07, muffler10, silkworm01

September 5
-compatibility meter - round 01: emotional05, hotblooded04, flowershop03, mizuho02 (lost dragoon08, pervert06)

September 11
-masteries: baton-habataki, destroy07, volunteer02, ears01, icolo02, icolo04, icolo05, bluepotion
Masteries: bluehat-future, pacifist06, writer07, rabanastre05, icolo08, icolo08, pkk01, redpotion
Masteries: revolution-bride, yami02, hachi09, bangs08, pkk02, pkk07, pkk08, pinkpotion
Masteries: germany-veneziano, rising02, saiyan08, enter05, pacifist01, pacifist03, pacifist04, purplepotion
Masteries: yankee-short, wednesday08, kyotoryu05, psychic03, pacifist05, pacifist06, pacifist08, greenpotion
Masteries: university-responsibility, nailpolish07, uchuujin06, cancer07, pacifist10, rabanastre07, rabanastre08, orangepotion

September 12
-deck release delay: plum05, plum06
-exchange: dagger08, data01, defense10, extreme04, genius02, honoo03, melee10 for rabanastre05, manager06, disgrace06, disgrace07
-trade with nanami: pkk08, wonder08 for gaming04, nurse01 (t2288)(t2289)
-shop (card pack 01-redpotion-)x2: bluehair10, bluehair12
-shop (card pack 02-pinkpotion-)x2: elrit07, elrit08, pooka01, pooka03
-shop (card pack 03-bluepotion)x2: belderiver01, titrel02, belderiver02, titrel03
-shop (card pack 04-greenpotion-): harrassed04, yatagarasu05
-shop (card pack 05-purplepotion-): protect05, everything03, transfer03, laughter02
-shop (card pack 06-orangepotion-): holiness08, profe04, priestess05, osu02, scherezade02, death08
-shop (card pack 07-orangepotion-): 1stanniversary07, girls17, masked17
-shop (love letter)x6: gasmask01, gasmask04, gasmask04, gasmask07, box09, pooka09
-shop (three cards from choice deck): metalpipe04, metalpipe08, metalpipe10
-otp battles - round 110: twinblade03, firetrucks05
-otp battles - round 111: bachelor05, monitor03, tornado05

September 13
-trade with jun: flowershop03 for daabu02 (t2290)
-singles claim: biased03, elite01, elite02, melee09, melee12

September 14
-trade with kyle: five09, mc_joyce for ataraxia04, mc_kyle (t2291)(t2292)
-trade with miyuki: tophat04, tophat05, xguns09, demon04, demon06, demon07, ricochet08, sklave08, stray09 for biased06, outside08, anxious04, conclusions04, cosmos07, cunning05, elite08, friendly01, midnight06 (t2293)(t2294)(t2295)(t2296)(t2297)(t2298)(t2299)(t2300)(t2301)
-level up - level 22 to 23: vacation01, discord08, division110, rosewhip07, mute02, box03, box04, pinkpotion
-level up - level 23 to 24: unyielding09, brandier02, devil08, blackstone08, nova01, bluehair07, bluehair08, purplepotion
-summer event 2014: shiranui09, simon10, blueeyes07, pendragon09, phasing02, serious06, meromero09, reckless09, gasmask05, surf10, flamboyant03, dearbaby02, branded10, detective02, mizuho08, scar05, homunculus08, fanalis08, mumei10, speechless05, sohoku07, nicknames08, profe07, fryingpan07, mongrel03, happyberry04, maiden01, hilt11, redheads04, partners04, sports04, blackhair20, redpotion, pinkpotion, bluepotion, event-summer2014, crossover-mastery (lost certainty05, childhood14, ducttape09, gaps04, miracles10, seinen14, valentines14, witch06)

September 16
-masteries: pkk-pacifist, widget01, unrequited05, aerobatic02, azuresea02, azuresea05, azuresea10, pinkpotion
-masteries: pacifist-icolo, kbt10, ironheart09, appetite02, azuresky05, azuresky09, belderiver09, bluepotion
-masteries: icolo-pkk, onigiri10, calligraphy05, mullet09, titrel07, titrel09, tasla03, bluepotion
-masteries: azuresea-azuresky, 7thheaven10, peach08, maschera05, tasla08, tasla09, valentine02, purplepotion
-masteries: gasmask-gasmask, seven06, goodluck01, mamushi03, valentine03, valentine06, valentine08, orangepotion
-ot3 claims: pacifist-pkk-icolo
-deckmaker pay: polytechnic03, nodachi05, unwavering10, jupiter02, playboy05, tethealla01, pilot03, spade07, shoryuken01, dos09, skill-out07, strahl06, narcolepsy08, himo10, appetitie03, devotion04, beater08, lacrosse03, danto08, laconic09, partridge02, sharingan03, loveletter
-staff pay sep 1 - sep 15: champloo03, viridian09, liquorlover04, clutch08, staff04, trip06, leleti01, punk08, chizen07, jumpy04, senses04, knives02, conflict07, loveletter01, healer04, dragonkid02, red02, galax09, boxing08, cadence07, ricochet06, courageous04, kaiser09, beretta02, command03, reo07, bandaged02, pendulum07, lawful04, young06, yato06, crowknight05, smallgiant02, fonmaster06, brothers05, gynoid02, darkmage08, highland05, lemonade07, laughter02
-deck release 28: shatter01, bullied02, obedient01, purpose06, ragnarok02, buko-ryu06, division105, jsdf01, blackhair19, josei03
-trade with lita: purpose06 for shatter04 (t2302)
-trade with nea: ragnarok02 for shatter05 (t2303)
-trade with moe: buko-ryu06 for shatter06 (t2304)
-trade with thu: realist04, realist05, reckless07, reincarnation08, reset10, richie04, right04, sanome03, sapphire04, saturn01, saturn04, scales08, sharingan09, sindria05, snowwhite10, stampede03, thesun10, triforce10, umbrellas03 for courage01, ethereal05, ethereal06, goofy02, horns02, midnight05, ouji06, shy05, turban09, wonder06, wonder09, boyslove19, crossover10, crossover16, melee04, seinen01, sports12, sports15, sports18 (t2305)(t2306)(t2307)(t2308)(t2309)(t2310)(t2311)(t2312)(t2313)(t2314)(t2315)(t2316)(t2317)(t2318)(t2319)(t2320)(t2321)(t2322)(t2323)

September 17
-trade with jun: peace03, peace06, obedient01 for shatter03, kingkazma08, moderator03 (t2324)(t2325)(t2326)

September 20
-trade with christy: bandaged02, champloo03, darkmage08, enter03, enter05, hitsuzen10, infected06, maiden01, painless04, zanza01, zanza08 for horns04, magic03, sand07, strahl03, cake09, chatter09, coverall01, cranky09, digger03, pirate04, ssvd03 (t2327)(t2328)(t2329)(t2330)(t2331)(t2332)(t2333)(t2334)(t2335)(t2336)(t2337)

September 21
-trade with bacci: bullied02 for shatter02 (t2338)
-exchange: hilt11, oppai20, jr05, mech04, punk07 for bluehair17, bluehair20, valentine09

September 23
-masteries: manager-box, habanero07, uryu05, cybele06, fashion06, fashion09, graffiti04, pinkpotion
-masteries: database-librarian, buko-ryu06, titans01, romano07, graffiti05, graffiti08, graffiti10, orangepotion
-masteries: pooka-elrit, kantoku06, happiness08, blitzball10, hyrule01, hyrule05, bubbles02, redpotion
-masteries: disgrace-rabanastre, sealed04, madao02, seven02, triforce03, triforce05, triforce07, greenpotion
-masteries: spartoi-magama, ace10, youth02, lycaon08, heathcliff01, heathcliff05, heathcliff08, greenpotion
-masteries: bluehair-master, butler08, strahl09, spores08, profe05, girlslove10, girlslove11, girlslove12, orangepotion

September 24
-trade with jun: beauty06, beauty08, blueeyes07, branded10, challenge09, cosmos03, courageous04, cowardly04, crystal03, cyberblader10, d-hero03, davinci06, defeated03, defeated06, diabound02, diabound05, eyeshield07, fanservice08, galileo02, galileo10, glorious07, glorious09, hammerwhirl02, heartbeat01, heartbeat04, hellkaiser09, hero07, hero09, childhood06, kiss04, kiss09, service01, service06, service19, shounen16, icequeen05, investigator01, kattobing02, koopa02, koopa04, koopa06, kuriboh09, lacrosse04, littlebird03, malicevorous09, march04, newtype07, numbers06, parasol05, parasol07, peach07, peach08, peach09, pendulum07, pervasive04, pervasive05, plumber03, plumber09, poffins06, power09, psychic05, question01, question08, question10, photon04, ricochet06, screams01, screams06, selfish03, selfish05, smallgiant01, smallgiant05, spider07, sunny07, sunny08, tauk09, temporal06, temporal07, temporal09, tomboy04, tomboy05, tomboy10, umbralis03, vicepresident04, visualkei04 for blueblur02, blueblur03, blueblur04, blueblur06, blueblur07, plum01, agni07, bravo01, cabbage08, database05, database06, insecure04, interpol07, magic02, maou10, monopolize01, quincy01, quincy09, shoryuken02, shy08, uchuujin03, blade03, blade07, brass04, brass09, bubbles08, devotion02, devotion03, hyrule04, tradition08, virtue04, virtue05, virtue07, zaku08, boyslove18, boyslove20, crossover03, girlslove13, melee03, melee08, melee11, nostalgia02, nostalgia11, sports09, allmate06, blacklotus09, destroy05, digger02, digger03, digger08, fashion09, graffiti08, intense01, limebell08, limebell10, pai-pai01, pai-pai03, mullet03, mullet04, mullet08, scarletrain04, silent01, silent02, ssvd04, ssvd08, trainer01, trickster04, 1stanniversary10, 1stanniversary20, megane05, megane07, megane08, megane10, megane10, megane13, megane19, partners19, doujin01, doujin06, photographer09, gal06, singer10, wrestler01, wrestler04, wrestler05 (t2339)(t2340)(t2341)(t2342)(t2343)(t2344)(t2345)(t2346)(t2347)(t2348)(t2349)(t2350)(t2351)(2352)(t2353)(t2354)(t2355)(t2356)(t2357)(t2358)(t2359)(t2360)(t2361)(t2362)(t2363)(t2364)(t2365)(t2366)(t2367)(t2368)(t2369)(t2370)(t2371)(t2372)(t2373)(t2374)(t2375)(t2376)(t2377)(t2378)(t2379)(t2380)(t2381)(t2382)(t2383)(t2384)(t2385)(t2386)(t2387)(t2388)(t2389)(t2390)(t2391)(t2392)(t2393)(t2394)(t2395)(t2396)(t2397)(t2398)(t2399)(t2400)(t2401)(t2402)(t2403)(t2404)(t2405)(t2406)(t2407)(t2408)(t2409)(t2410)(t2411)(t2412)(t2413)(t2414)(t2415)(t2416)(t2417)(t2418)(t2419)(t2420)(t2421)(t2422)(t2423)
-trade with dan: fairy03, himeko10, gorilla03, young02, young06, shigure02, psychic03 for cabbage08, elite06, graffiti09, headphones03, headphones08, relentless05, sports02 (t2424)(t2425)(t2426)(t2427)(t2428)(t2429)
-trade with adelicya: ciaossu03, ciaossu05, ciaossu10, tenth01, tenth04, tenth07, mc_joyce for shatter09, kingkazma03, moderator08, kyrios07, linebacker09, mikazuki04, mc_adelicya (t2430)(t2431)(t2432)(t2433)(t2434)(t2435)(t2436)

September 29
-discussion - round 54: bigbrother06, tojo08, reincarnation02

October 1
-staff pay 16 sept - 30 sept: droopy01, chronos01, deleted03, twinblade07, esper01, shrewd03, freckles03, kid03, losttime07, choice03, mockingbird03, chef04, japan03, belderiver03, turban10, photograph03, doctor04, balbadd06, returners08, ragnarok06, nodachi06, d-hero10, malicevorous02, ittan-momen03, ears09, tactician02, bangs07, breaker05, yukiatsu03, resonance10, galileo02, samezuka01, kansai06, outer02, messy01, punches10, 92fs01

October 4
-trade with jex: enthusiasm06, breeder08, red02 for shatter10, kingkazma01, moderator01 (t2437)(t2438)(t2439)

October 6
-freebies - round 51: goldsmith04, chronokinetic03
-deckmaker pay: levitation08, shy09, inuki06, plague01, survivor05, bow04, dra-mata01, hungary10, xclips05, nature01, miracles08, mikorin04, cigars09, bandit02, magus07, enforcer05, blood01, dragoon03, profitable10, rappigs06, ariadne03, complex01, weird06, cruel07, hyakka03, officer02, maracas01, blitzball06, shrewd07, flirtatious08, bandages08, cyberblader09, androphobia06, vivacious07, flamenco01, lancelot09, otome10, nailpolish05, science09, heavenrend03, king02, jobs01, wisdom10, beater07, enthusiasm10, loveletter, loveletter, loveletter

October 7
-matchmaker - round 119: circus06, hives01, turtleknight08

October 9
-trade with adelicya: speed07 for intercession09 (t2440)
-trade with lita: syringe01, happiness08, breeder05, nurse03, nurse04 for 1stanniversary06, crossover07, average04, cadence03, legitimate02 (t2441)(t2442)(t2443)(t2444)(t2445)

October 10
-october deck release: intercession01, skypirate01, insei03, zelda03, gentry08, lily09, messenger04, lamont01, canoncouples17, tsundere20
-trade with ruriair: messenger04 for skypirate09 (t2446)
-trade with jeny: protect06, kindhearted07, latowidge01, latowidge06, latowidge07, laughter02, laughter10, myrmidon06, myrmidon08, sopheria03, sopheria04, tactician02, staff04, sannin04, amaterasu04, aura07, bighearted02, existence09, videogames18 for intercession03, skypirate03, turtleknight04, owlknight04, arrogant02, blade04, blade05, chessboard03, conclusions08, database02, glacier04, hierophant04, indifferent03, indifferent10, sand05, sand06, strawhat09, strawhat10, 1stanniversary12 (t2447)(t2448)(t2449)(t2450)(t2451)(t2452)(t2453)(t2454)(t2455)(t2456)(t2457)(t2458)(t2459)(t2460)(t2461)(t2462)(t2463)(t2464)(t2465)
-simon says - round 118: secondstage06, jsdf01 (gave away piero03)
-trade with netbug: assistant02, assistant06, blacklotus10, defense01 for database10, horns07, gynoid09, gynoid10 (t2466)(t2467)(t2468)(t2469)

October 14
-trade with pam: bow04, bow05, muskets01 for captive01, gleam02, average03 (t2470)(t2471)(t2472)

October 17
-exchange: serve01, serve01, serve01, stripes04, suna-suna06, suna-suna10, tea03, tea09, tristesse01, unmei04, void09, void10 for senpai05, senpai06, senpai07, senpai08

October 18
-trade with ruriair: certainty10, blade07, sunglasses07 for tailswipe02, pharaoh06, hierophant05 (t2473)(t2474)(t2475)
-trade with dan: gentry08, lily09, afterlife05, miko07, reo07 for goclub05, insei01, mouseknight07, snakeknight08, zelda01 (t2476)(t2477)(t2478)(t2479)(t2480)
-staff pay 1 oct - 15 oct: theory02, tsuga08, heavyarms02, gallery08, desperado05, swindler10, chariot04, raikiri03, blackbelt10, broom06, ostia01, defeated08, shattered06, lancer03, hat10, luck06, journalist09, blood05, prevent10, brat10, meat05, naive05, rising02, backstroke09

October 19
-welcome to the fun house: rockstar01, ojousama08, tuturu03, ninjas05, orangepotion
-the mirror room series: interpol05, kyrios06, cyanpile04, melee16, bluehair03, redpotion

October 21
-trade with pam: zero04, zero07 for pharaoh04, brass05 (t2481)(t2482)(t2483)

October 26
-trade with chianna: royals20, s-support04, blackhair19, blackhair20 for intercession10, skypirate10, turtleknight01, owlknight01 (t2484)(t2485)(t2486)(t2487)

November 7
-deckmaker pay: nebula09, ryuseiken05, chimera02, twisted02, fragarach09, delinquent08, goldsmith09, suidream09, taciturn08, sannin09, demonlord06, makeup06, camellia02, secretary03, amulet08, dolly01, familiar10, laserbeam07, awarded08, hacking03, wolf-fang03, head05, pikohan04, divulgence05, jobs01, capsule01, mind05, dinosaur04, police09, loveletter, loveletter

November 8
-choose your starting point: paintbrush03, moogle05, horn06, duchess03, manzai12, loveletter
-the maze trials: canvas02, vain02, clowndrop10, megane03, ninjas02, loveletter
-staff pay 16 oct - 31 oct: paranormal03, yari04, finite01, wingspiker10, takeover04, tundra09, bread10, sterne03, temperanza10, tethealla04, ninis09, roses08, church07, airwing03, antoinette03, university07, comic02

November 9
-assemble - round 27: valkyrie06, recite07, chimera01

November 11
-deck release 030: performer08, stage08, rushjet02, ryuseiken10, impetuous10, judo08, turks05, electricrod06, horror17, horror08
-trade with ralene: rushjet02 for performer04 (t2848)
-trade with adelicya: phantom04, phantom09, trainers07, exorcist02, exorcist05, exorcist07, exorcist09, copycat01 for performer10, stage10, horror12, ataraxia06, conclusions07, hadoken03, moderator06, waterfall02 (t2488)(t2489)(t2450)(t2451)(t2452)(t2453)(t2454)(t2455)
-exchange: nei03, nei04, nei10, nekomata07, nemesis01, nemesis03, nemesis04, nemesis06, neon05, nervous03, nervous05, network02 for plum03, plum04, plum07, plum09
-puzzle chain - round 27: bluehat05, aspirations08, firebomber01, chaos09, coquette03, septette10, loveletter, bluepotion
-games festival - round 35: medea08, hawk07, england04, theking07, sindria05, photograph05, candy04, ostia08, bluepotion, purplepotion, loveletter
-matchmaker - round 124: beloved09, sakura05
-trade with lex: appetite03, hedonist01, girls17 for performer06, stage06, horror18 (t2456)(t2457)(t2458)
-level up - level 24 to 25: fryingpan10, volley03, torture06, heal04, gloomy09, girlslove01, girlslove02, redpotion

November 12
-trading achievement (2100): blood-scythe04, hiroari07, diamond07, runic05, pinkpotion, loveletter
-trading achievement (2125): stalker08, forensics05, vicepresident01
-trading achievement (2150): fourth08, moonrise10, ciaossu08
-trading achievement (2175): homeroom01, gourmet09, hiasobi05
-trading achievement (2200): silkworm02, smallgiant10, spear01, onmyouji05, pinkpotion, loveletter
-compatibility meter - round 05: dreamseer01, diabound04, return07 (gave away exorcist05, fire06)
-masteries: belderiver-titrel, beater04, fishing01, mercury05, shatter08, curse04, curse10, redpotion
-masteries: valentine-tasla, redlion01, epitaph05, seven08, captive10, senpai04, senpai09, pinkpotion
-masteries: shatter-plum, catcher10, knave03, beretta05, senpai10, blacksuit08, blacksuit09, greenpotion

November 14
-shop (card pack 01-redpotion-)x2: girlslove09, girlslove19
-shop (card pack 02-pinkpotion)x2: blacksuit04, blacksuit05, senpai01, senpai02
-shop (card pack 03-bluepotion-)x2: tailswipe03, blueblur01, intercession02, skypirate02
-shop (card pack 04-greenpotion-): archer06, sanpaku04
-shop (card pack 05-purplepotion-): imouto02, midget08, box05, xguns07
-shop (card pack 06-orangepotion-): fairy04, lightmusic02, firetrucks02, cook04, goodluck05, gangleader01
-shop (card pack 07-greenpotion, purplepotion-): kimono12, kanemochi10, melee12
-shop (loveletter)x4: blade06, blade08, brass07, brass08
-shop (instant mastery): pharaoh01, pharaoh02, pharaoh03, pharaoh04, pharaoh05, pharaoh06, pharaoh07, pharaoh08, pharaoh09, pharaoh10, millennium01, millennium02, millennium03, millennium04, millennium05, millennium06, millennium07, millennium08, millennium09, millennium10
-simon says - round 123: goddess10, cosmos05 (gave away candle02)

November 17
-discussion - round 57: explorer07, lipstick01

November 18
-otp battles - round 120: darksoul10, freelance06, aerobatic08

November 19
-trade with miyuki: turks05, electricrod06 for stage02, horror01 (t2459)(t2460)
-trade with marge: judo08 for stage04 (t2461)
-halloween event - welcome to the graveyard: plus2decks, loveletterxtrades, hllwnevent-joyce, event-halloween, grandprize
-trade with chianna: tsundere20, androphobia06, awarded08, envious07, hat05, hat10, bakuzan10, imouto02, jersey01, lieutenant05, mugen06, research06, sklave08, wing04 for gleam01, gleam01, average05, bonkotsu10, pharaoh01, pharaoh08, anxious10, courage06, daabu09, database03, database09, existence02, gal01, goodluck06 (t2462)(t2463)(t2464)(t2465)(t2466)(t2467)(t2468)(t2469)(t2470)(t2471)(t2472)(t2473)(t2474)(t2475)

November 20
-staff pay 1 nov - 15 nov: extreme03, miserable06, cr-s0102, shirayuki01, challenge04, wednesday05, set04, chessboard09, temple06, varna04, slap01, cheating10

November 23
-otp battles - round 121: smiling08, fest03, voxignis06

November 26
-singles' claim: average01, backstroke04, captive04, rabanastre07, redstone06

November 27
-discussion - round 58: march09, clarines09
-masteries: pharaoh-millennium, hime08, insei01, troubadour04, cabbage06, cabbage07, hierophant07, greenpotion
-masteries: blade-brass, aries07, interpol04, kiseru07, hierophant08, talent01, talent02, orangepotion
-masteries: graffiti-fashion, ecstasy01, taller02, master01, talent04, talent06, turban05, greenpotion
-masteries: girlslove-master, crybaby04, zodiac08, sindria07, clairvoyant09, melee17, melee18 melee19, redpotion

November 28
-otp battles - round 122: bass-clef07
-trade with samichan: celestial01, corporal04, vampire09 for performer02, horror07, horror10 (t2476)(t2477)(t2478)

November 30
-games festival - round 36: swimming02, myths02, european07, forward07, underworld01, crybaby02, cherubim02, ojousama10, songbird07, strain10, crow05, loveletter
-freebies - round 64: itako02, vino10

December 1
-compatibility meter - round 07: recite03, temporary09, amnesiac02, hat03 (gave away rabbit10, romantic04)

December 5
-simon says - round 126: leleti10, theend01 (gaveaway icolo08)

December 7
-otp battles - round 123: headbutt08

December 11
-discussion - round 59: underworld07, sungod07

December 14
-picture hunt - round 08: okama08, fashion04, harmonious08, valentines12

December 15
-freebies - round 65: tristan03, exodus05, protagonists13

December 22
-puzzle chain - round 28: paperfan04, whitebase02, justice10, sinbad09, needles08, diary03, loveletter, bluepotion
-compatibility meter - round 08: shining06, housenka02, sakura08, realian06, academics05 (gave away ice06, rain10)
-deckmaker pay: davinci09, foxmask04, lion04, learn01, luminol03, missmacross02, vicepresident02, strip01, meatshop08, chief05, evolver09, laidback10, cadence06, secretary02, blackrose05, darkstone02, mikan07, blackmagic04, apathetic01, cheerleader01, heir10, affection01, gentry01, haiku10, sagittarius04, revolution03, bell08, nothingness07, blueeyes06, devil06, pottery08, scissor08, kailu02, loveletter, loveletter
-staff pay 16 nov - 30 nov: phd10, mastermind08, foxhound03, loveless05, zombie07, criminal09, traps06, kouzuki10, izayoi02, poplar01, devotion05, wednesday06, wisteria09, workaholic04, saiyan08, literary05, epitaph03, orange04, aquaforce05, wingspiker07, snake10, badminton07, dinosaur02, child07, archangel01, faketoss10, beater09, dice10, focus06, etu09, cosmos06, saiyaman07, chaos02, blood-scythe08, thoughtful05, ittan-momen04, phantom07, peddler02, banten07, fastest09, crezant01, glutton01, perceive03, regular03, sunflower02, tailswipe03
-staff pay 1 dec - 15 dec: older07, hyper03, starmagic10, candies06, killer08, destroy06, cook07, babyface05, julia01, paranormal08, dualblade10, alexanders07, knowledge03, tearjewel03, cat04, pikohan07, richie06, awarded01, blackcats05, rekka09, paladienne10, polished09, azadistan02, fryingpan02, sherry08, reluctant04, hellkaiser09, guitar03, opposite08, casual05, summer05, flash03, fashion02

December 23
-deck release 31: goldendeath01, lunatea01, athena01, seirin1606, g-virus02, edonia03, evah08, trash09, co-op12, co-op20
-trade with nova: righthand05, chronos01, mc_joyce for goldendeath02, lunatea02, mc_nova (t2476)(t2477)(t2478)
-trade with dan: g-virus02, edonia03 for goldendeath10, lunatea10 (t2479)(t2480)
-trade with christy: beloved09, butler04, ostia01, ostia08, spores08, suidream09, voxignis06, zero03 for ataraxia03, drillclaw09, forgotten04, mantisknight08, ogre02, pharaoh07, zaku02, co-op04 (t2481)(t2482)(t2483)(t2484)(t2485)(2486)(t2487)(t2488)
-secret santa: performer01, outside04, skypirate07, ouji01, palmtop10, vocals02, vocals06
-trade with kiri: gasmask10, boxing08, council02, expelled02, candle06, theking07, smallgiant02, smallgiant10 for allmate10, arrogant06, bubbles04, cheating05, command10, cranky02, gundam07, gynoid03 (t2489)(t2490)(t2491)(t2492)(t2493)(t2494)(t2495)(t2496)

December 26
-trade with miyuki: estraneo06, lollipop06, verloren09 for goldendeath04, lunatea04, athena10 (t2497)(t2498)(t2499)
-trade with moe: raikiri03, housenka02, mc_joyce for goldendeath03, lunatea03, mc_moe (t2500)(t2501)(t2502)
-christmas event day 03 - video hunt: blackcats05, sweettooth05, two07, vayu08
-secret santa: pharaoh02, magic04, magic08, glacier03, meruru01, horns09, luck07, zaku05, zangetsu05
-christmas event day 09 - freebies: lightning09, silverwitch08, etu05, predictions04, reversed05, horror08

December 27
-christmas event - discussion: parttime01, bookworm02, records08, salute10

December 29
-discussion - round 60: vinea08, tyrant04, recurrence06, courage02

December 30
-secret santa: nebula06, board05, corporal09, loveletter
-gave santa: serve01, serve08, tarundoru05, tarundoru08, alaryman09, wolf-fang03, wolf-fang04, wolf-fang07, wolf-fang08, pilot03, golden03, curiosity01, curiosity08, celestial10, fire03, loveletter, loveletter, loveletter, loveletter, loveletter, bodyguard01, avaricious09, paladin02, revolution03, box05, awarded01, hat03, archery09, cybele06, candle03, candle07, wingspiker06, wingspiker07, wingspiker10, canoncouples17, monochrome18, phobia10, messy06, redpotion, bluepotion, penguin06, penguin09, penguin10, pranks07, pranks10, jagan07, loveless05, pkk02, pkk08, profitable10, miserable06, sincerity04, warpstar10, veneziano03, veneziano04, saiyaman07, zanza06, uesugi05, uesugi06, uesugi08, ultimate05, windam10, silent06, stylish09, stylish10, foxhound03, eyebrows07, eyebrows08, eyebrows09, colonel01

December 31
-trade with jeny: seirin1606 for athena02 (t2503)

January 7
-assemble - round 29: chawanmushi06, rabanastre04, ironheart10
-trade with inktrap: magician02, m_joyce for freestyle01, mc_inktrap (t2504)(t2505)

January 15
-otp battles - round 126: flute05

January 21
-discussion - round 62: engaged03, kattobing03, freelance07, protagonists10

February 5
-freebies - round 69: xguns08, gleam09, tallgeese03, realist06

February 16
-otp battles - round 130: cigarette10, crow06

February 21
-trade with jun: sugar04, successor01, troubadour04, ranking09, rapier01, iga04, phantasm10, jeanne03, koopa04, infinity09 for hyperion04, viridian02, realist04, tenchou09, bizarre06, laidback06, linebacker01, davinci05, millennium04, paranormal08

February 24
-trade with dan: afterlife06, aikido01, aikido03, chosen06, jsdf01, vows07, stonefree03, stonefree04, kanemochi10, josei03 for allmate04, banten04, crezant08, emotional03, emotional08, emotional09, hare06, hare07, hare08, crossover05
-trade with styx: silverwitch08, amnesic01 for sexy10, viewtiful10
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